Billing and Refund Policy

1.      Auto Moto Card / club is provided as a subscription service.

2.      All prices are quoted and charged in GBP currency

3.      You have the option to select a monthly or annual payment plan.

4.      Annual payment plans provide discount from the current list price.

5.      You will be required to provide valid billing information in your account and maintain it up to date: this is to include: contact name,                        organisation, credit card details (for accounts paid by credit card), billing address, email address and telephone number via registration page.

6.      Monthly payment plans

   o    Monthly payment plans are required to be paid with a credit card via PayPal payment gateway or Offline Payment.

   o    Your account will be automatically upgraded once you have successfully processed your first monthly payment and authorize subsequent                 monthly payments.

   o    Your card will be automatically debited as of the effective date of your authorization, and each month thereafter.

   o    Payment confirmation will be sent to your billing email address following each monthly charge applied to your credit card.

   o    Upgrades and downgrades of your payment plan need to be initiated online within your account.

7.      Annual payment plans

   o    Annual payment plans can be paid via credit card, PayPal account or Offline Payment.

   o    Annual Accounts paid online with a credit card will be upgraded automatically

   o    Annual accounts paid on invoice will be upgraded per our discretion - either immediately after you request the annual invoice or upon a                  receipt of the full payment.

   o    Annual Accounts paid online with a credit card will be renewed automatically on the anniversary of upgrade date unless otherwise notifed.

   o    Annual payment discount is subject to full payment received within 30 days from the date of the upgrade initiation process.

   o    For annual accounts paid on invoice we will issue the renewal invoice on the anniversary of the upgrade date

8.      If your account is in arrears, you will be notified in one the following ways:

   o    message displayed in your account to all account administrators

   o    and/or by email to billing contact email and/or account administrators

   o    and/or by telephone to the billing telephone number provided

9.      If you do not rectify your account on a timely basis, your account will be downgraded to a free account plan per our discretion.

10.  You may cancel your subscription at any time. To cancel you will be required to delete your Auto Moto Card  account online from the                    administration screen within your account. Any subsequent charges will be stopped automatically.

11.  You can also contact our billing department by phone or email to request a deletion of your account, change of billing plan or downgrade to a          free plan. For security reasons we will need to confirm this request by sending an email to your billing email address. Once we have received          your email confirmation, we will process your request within one business day and adjust subsequent charges accordingly.

12.  All fees are quoted exclusive of all taxes and levies

13.  Additional processing charges maybe added by the financial institutions or other intermediaries, such as Cross Border Assessment Fee by                Visa and MasterCard.

14.  There are no refunds for any period for which billing has already occurred.

15.  If your account has been downgraded for non-payment, any outstanding amount will be added to the total if you re-upgrade it.

16.  See also our general terms of use: Terms and Conditions

17.  It is your responsibility to ensure that our billing emails are properly delivered to your mailbox and not blocked by your anti-spam software or        other protection measures.

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